Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Digital Emoji Reward Stickers


PURCHASE: Digital Emoji Reward Stickers

Digital Emoji Reward Stickers contains 50 different, colored clip art images for Classroom or Personal Use Only. A rewarding way to give feedback to students within their digital classwork or distance learning.

This set is not Commercial use clip art.

These colored .png clip art images are 2x2 inches in size and can be rotated and resized up or down easily. These images are printable quality and can be printed to be used as classroom stickers.

Stickers are not editable. The motivational quotes on the stickers cannot be altered.

Upon purchasing, you will receive a zipped file.

Unzip the file and only use the unzipped folder. Import/insert image into your digital resource to be used as a digital reward or for printing.

To access the images easily, create a digital document with your preferred stickers, ready to be copied and pasted between digital resources.

Perfect for resources created in Google Slides, Boom Learning and PowerPoint Presentations.




DO not claim these as your own or sell the files in any format.



- insert these digital files into classroom or personal use resources.

- print copies of this file to use for classroom or personal use only.

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